The Hideout Theatre and Coffee Shop

Located on 617 Congress Ave in Downtown Austin

Austin is one of my favorite places. The relaxed, earthy atmosphere makes people ready to talk to you. They are always ready to welcome you into whatever interests they may have.

It was this atmosphere that gave me the courage to walk up to a group of strangers and talk to them. They were so immersed in their conversation, but with a little push from a magificent and adorable friend of mine, I walked up to them. Gratefully, three of them quickly put me at ease by smiling and listening to what I had to say.

The Hideout is Austin’s oldest independent coffeehouse.
For the sake of this post, and because I neglected to ask them if they’re comfortable with me using their name online, we’ll call them Amy, Will and Tina. (Shameless SNL reference)

The one I’ve chosen to call Amy (which is an honor and a privilege, btw) was super attentive to me and my questions. She had been coming and taking improv classes for a year, and had fallen in love with it. That’s what kept her coming back, in her case, several times a week.

Me: How would you describe the general vibe here?

Amy: Make art…make art and good food! 

Really, what higher honor could an Austin coffee shop attain than to have that be their vibe!

“Make Art and Good Food.”

Me: What are you having?

Will, holding up a water bottle: Wooder. 

Me: Wooder?

Will: Wooder. Water from trees.

I laughed nervously. I was so awkward but these people were so nice!!

At some point after this Will and Tina became engrossed in conversation. “We’re gonna change our little world!” said Tina, when Amy tried to pull their attention back to me. 

Amy: Guys, you said you’d help her and answer her questions!

Tina: Yes, I’m sorry, ask him one! 

Will smiled and looked at me with the energy of an excited puppy. I almost wished these questions were more of a treat.

Me: What are some of your favorite things to order? 

Will: Ginger beer and pizza (flatbread) with Havarti

Me: Tina, how bout you?

Tina: The grilled cheese. With Bacon!

Amy: The day after I turn 70 I’m eating bacon with every meal!

A conversation on the wonders of bacon ensued. While it was incredibly pleasant, as all things involving bacon are, I don’t remember most of it.


*oh right blog post*

Me: Is there anything you would want to tell someone coming here for the first time? 

Tina: Come see a show! People love improv, they just don’t know it yet!

“We’re gonna change our little world.”

If there’s one thing I took away from that conversation, it was the passion these people had for the hilarious art of improv. They made me excited about what excited them; they derived so much joy from that moment when they stepped onstage. Improv made them happy, and after seeing that, I wanted it to make me happy too.

“Improv made them happy, and after seeing that, I wanted it to make me happy too.”

The coffee shop was wonderful, offering lovely treats and drinks and a relaxed, cozy vibe. After saying my good-byes to the improvisers my friend and I spent over an hour relaxing, chatting, and people watching. It felt comfortable.

Evidence of aforementioned relaxed, cozy, vibe

Located in Downtown Austin on Congress Ave, the Hideout Coffeehouse and Theatre offers both the thrill of the stage and the comfort of warm coffee. They also are a seller of the BEST ICE CREAM EVER, Amy’s Ice Cream. They have delicious specialty drinks and pastries waiting for you to come and taste them, only to be spit out at high velocity because of your laughter at an improv show. I highly recommend you visit. 

Who knows?

You might even become a regular. 


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