The Redbud Cafe, Blanco TX

The Redbud Cafe is located at 410 4th Street, Blanco TX. 

The Redbud Cafe is situated on the square in the quaint town of Blanco, Texas; in the shadow of the historic Blanco Courthouse. Thanks to their delicious food and this prime location, it has become one of the most thriving and popular restaurants in the Texas Hill Country. The Redbud serves delicious, fresh sandwiches and salads, made with natural or organic ingredients whenever possible. They pride themselves on making delicious, healthful food, good for the body and great for the tounge.

I’ve been a regular at this cafe for years. 

This article holds something special for me, because I’ve been a regular at this cafe for years. I also had the opportunity of interviewing, not strangers, but close friends of mine. We’ll call them Leslie, April, Ann and Ron. As a live band covered Stand By Me in the background, I began to ask questions that I really already knew the answers to.

Me: So how long have you been coming to this place?

Leslie and Ann: At least ten years. How long have they been open?

Leslie: That’s too hard of a question. 

I laughed and turned to April. 

Me: How bout you? 

April: Five years.

Ron: I remember when it used to be a health food store.

The last remaining piece of that health store is a rainfall record dating back to 1900. The Redbud has kept up with it and preserved this little piece of history. 

My friends had fallen into relaxed conversation as I thought about what I wanted to ask next. 

Me: What do you like that makes you come back?

Ann: I like Jan. She’s very sweet and personable, very professional, I made friends with her at the pottery place next door.

Jan and John Brieger, the owners of the Redbud Cafe, also run a pottery shop connected to their restaurant where they sell their work. It has lovely handmade jewelery, cards and other charming trinkets. 

Jan and John Brieger have been potters for years, and sell some of their work in their shop.

The artsy, homemade feeling of the shop is reflected easily in the restaurant next door. 

Leslie: I like the happy atmosphere and clean food. 

Me: Ron, what’s the reason you come here? Besides that Ann wants to come?

Ron: There’s no other reason. 

Ron is not a social butterfly. 

Me: Well if Ann wants to come, it must be a good place.

If ever you need an example of what the word “regular” means in this context, look no further than my best friend Leslie.

Me: How often do you come here.

Leslie: Every day.

Ann: If I’m in blanco, I come here. 

Leslie: Put every other day, are people gonna know I come here every day?

Me: Not if you dont want them to. I’ll change your name. But you’ll know. 😉

Leslie: I just like being at restaurants. 

Me: Me too, I get it.

(Said the girl who created an entire blog dedicated to people going to resturants.)

 “I love going to resturants.” -Leslie

Me: What are your favorite things about Redbud?

Leslie: The atmosphere. 

Me: What else?

Leslie sat and thought for a second.

Leslie: Uhhh… the vibe?

April: That’s the same as atmosphere.

She thought for a moment. 

Leslie: Live music, burgers, local! 

What more could you ask for in a small town on a weekend night?

The Redbud has a wonderful selection of local Real Ale beers, supporting another native Blanco company. 

Ron: It’s a happy and mature place.

Leslie: And it’s where all my friends go! 

The Redbud really does feel like family in this small town. It’s a comfortable place where people can relax at the pace of the Blanco river, rather than the speed of I-35. 

But who cares unless the food is good, right?

Me: What are you having?

Leslie: Coffee and snickerdoodle cookie.

The coffee in redbud is wonderful, some of the best in the area. There is plenty of delicious pastries and magnificent cheesecake. 

This cheesecake tastes like heaven and joy and raspberries that love you.

They also serve a delightfully refreshing lavender lemonade and tea. And if you cant get enough lavender, you can get more at Brigeir pottery next door. 

 Blanco is called the Lavender Capital of Texas. Brieger Pottery has a wide variety of products made from locally grown lavender. 

Me: What are some of your favorite things to order?

Leslie: Quiche and Greek Salad

Ann: Casbah Greek salad, blanco burger or blaze of glory. 

Ann: I love the fish taco wraps 

Leslie: I love when people ask me questions.

The menu at the redbud is full of delicious, interesting creations. One of my personal favorites is the Blanco Burger, which has bacon, chipotle mayo, and roasted poblano peppers. Their burgers are all made with angus beef, and gluten-free options are provided for both their burgers and sandwiches. They take care with their ingredients, and you can taste the cleanliness.

 There’s plenty of healthful, delicious food to go around. 

The Redbud Cafe has something for everyone. It is warm and inviting with plenty of healthful, delicious food to go around. It is a place to relax and have a cup of coffee during the week, or sit and enjoy a glass of wine and live music on the weekends. It is a place where friends gather and there are no strangers. Why not give this amazing place a shot?

Who knows?

You might even become a regular.


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