Silver Grizzly Espresso, Longview TX

Located at 100 W Tyler Ave, Longview, TX 75601
The Silver Grizzly Espresso Coffeeshop was born from the radical notion that coffee should taste good. The four creators of this joint aimed for a friendly, home-like atmosphere, somewhere people could feel comfortable, relaxed, and maybe even artistic. 

This past week I had the pleasure of driving a million hours to spend a few days with my best friend in Longview, Texas, a little town about an hour away from Louisiana. I had no intention of writing an article while I was there, but when I walked into the Silver Grizzly, I knew it had to be done. Since I was tired and didn’t feel like talking to strangers, I took advantage of the fact that my best friend comes here all the time. (I know, two friend interviews in a row, I’m getting sloppy) For the sake of this article, we’ll call her Eleanora.

I wasn’t 100% absorbed with this relaxing atmosphere when I began asking her questions. I scrolled and aggressively tapped at my phone, trying to find the ones I had written down.

“What is your favorite color?” I said stalling. 

Eleanora: Is that a serious question? 

Me: No, I already know what your favorite color is. 

It’s taupe. When I met her I didn’t even know taupe was a color. 

This is Taupe, pronounced “tope” like “dope”

Gratefully my questions revealed themselves to me from the depths of my phone, or this whole article would have been on taupe. 

Me: How long have you been coming to this place?

Eleanora: Since it opened… about 5 months.

Me: What made you decide to come back?

Eleanora:  I love the atmosphere and the decor. I also love the fact that its a grizzly bear, that’s kind of a scary animal, and they made it into a coffee bar. I also like that its kinda woodsy like you feel like you’re in a log cabin with a bear outside.

I had sunk into the relaxing vibe now and felt ready to sit in this coffee bar forever. “How funny,” I thought, “that a place where people come to get caffeine be so relaxing.”

“You feel like you’re in a log cabin with a bear outside.”

Me: How often do you come?
Eleanora: Once a week, if I have money.

Ah, how sad it is that our budgets always disapprove of our affairs with local coffee shops. 

Me: How would you describe the atmosphere or the vibe here?

~ How sad it is that our budgets always disapprove of our affairs with coffee shops ~ 

Eleanora: Oh I already answered that question hang on…it’s a nice place for locals, and non locals.. 

She gestured to a guy from California whom we met when I halfway accidentally almost insulted a food truck that he works for. He ignored us and continued reading. 

Eleanora: It’s got that almost New York vibe, like a studio apartment, with the exposed brick and the wood and the exposed AC vents.

  It’s almost got that New York vibe….

Me: What are your favorite things about it? 

Eleanora: My favorite thing has to be the lighting, because no matter what time you come here there’s really nice natural lighting from the windows, and then mood lighting late at night.

They also serve craft beers for evenings or really hard Tuesdays.  

Me: What are you having to drink now?

Eleanora: Today I saw somebody get something that looked delicious so I just told her to make me one of those, I think it’s like an iced latte with vanilla bean.

Me: What are some of your favorite things to order?

Eleanora: I love their cookies, dark chocolate with sea salt in them; also their coffee’s delicious, its not too sweet not too… 

Me: Bitter?

Eleanora: Bitter


Me: Is there anything you would say to someone coming here for the first time?

Eleanora: It’s super cool, theres a lot of seating… so sit anywhere you like. They have really interesting flavorings, it’s real artsy in here, I love the bear, thats a huge focal point. 

The Silver Grizzly makes their own unique syrups, such as rosemary, maple bourbon, or gin & honey. Flavors that you can’t get just anywhere are part of what makes this place so special. As you sip your distinctively delicious drinks, the silver grizzly looks down on you with approval, making you feel even more at home. 

 Experience the bear.

Next time you find yourself in the charming town of Longview, why not stop by the Silver Grizzly? You’re always welcome, they’d love to have you. Who knows?

You might even become a regular.


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